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The Past Is Present

~ A favorite quote by William Faulkner, "The past is never dead. It isn't even past." His core intention isn't limited to a single interpretation. Time is not linear, but subject to be perceived in different ways, a mutable thing.

Now, read this quote aloud with distinct southern locution such as Faulkner would have spoken, and oddly it becomes even more credible, obvious. See what I mean. It is categorically a deep south notion by a native son. For me it is above all, family. My family whom I may bring into the room for the retelling of our history. Those stories that begin with, "...remember the time...". Whether an evening soiree, a bountious Sunday dinner, a Saturday throw-down, or a simple phone call, our family celebrates the heritage we share. Our past is truly alive, well, and squarely in the present by our shared reminiscence. 

I began this missive with a more deliberate reason. This quote is so relevant to my purpose, and to the Mother's Day tha…

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