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Once Upon A Saturday Morning

~Imet The Horn Player while singing and performing with a theater group a few years back. A musical offering entitled, Broadway Gold. He was the sound and lights dude and had been roped into singing with me upon my request. 

He is The Horn Player after all; he must be able to sing, I surmised. 

I think the reason he agreed, curiosity really got the best of him. You know, just to see if he could actually do it. We began rather shakily, but the thing we quickly learned about one another was how determined we were to finish a new challenge/commitment. So we set to the task of choreography, timing, you get the idea. After practice one evening he invited me for coffee at a local Internet cafe, and we closed the place down that night just sitting there sipping our coffee and sharing our thoughts. From our initial introduction, to this present day, we were and remain in sync. At that stage in my life I'd come to a place where hope had left me. No more dreaming on a dream. Too many mistakes…

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